:: solution development

for us, your solution is the most important of all

In our software outsourcing service, handling your needs with total dedication is part of our way of being.

We intend to put our will and our brand in every project we develop. The product's reliability, performance and coverage are features that make our day-to-day implementation of your solutions.
We have a young, dynamic, able and competent team that allow a correct implementation of complex methodologies of development and testing.

All these factors ensure that we are ready to implement a solution that requires full compliance with the objectives , Time and costs. After all, we write software for more than ten years, and some solutions we developed are fundamental business elements of our customers.
We believe that an organization of dedicated individuals requires a highly specialized level of management where all stakeholders can contribute with something useful and beneficial for the development of appropriate solutions.

Our team is composed of elements with different profiles, which are complementary in perfect harmony. Among these are:

:: business analists to properly define the functional requirements of your needs;

:: software designers/programadores that encode the functional requirements;

:: software testers that ensure the quality criteria;

There are also other more specific profiles to complement the team, giving him the strength needed to implement your solution;
development process
The development process is extremely important to us. The process is the invisible glue that allows all stakeholders involved in developing a software solution, work together and act coordinated. In Factor Digital we apply the latest agile methodologies, and follow the most rigorous and comprehensive best practices.
We implement strict quality criteria in our projects, which always gives us great confidence in the final product we deliver to the customer.

Our process is repeatable, predictable and systematic, with intrinsic mechanisms for improving quality and productivity.
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