:: consulting and outsourcing

our specialists are also your specialists

In Factor Digital we believe that outsourcing is a strategic and decisive option in the present state of the market.

Because we know that often you require highly specialized resources that are not available in your organization, we offer you our help as a technology partner able to provide you with the resources and know-how you need.

The overarching objective of our service is to create conditions for our clients to focus on its core business, and leave the IT tasks for our expert consultants.
A team of experts Factor Digital is at your disposal to do their part integrated in your team.
:: excellence and talent
The aim of Factor Digital is to capture and develop the best professionals, giving them tasks that challenge them and making the most seniors work with the most juniors, sharing know-how and encouraging personal growth. Each project is seen as a challenge for our employees, and is required to provide such an attitude and total professionalism in all circumstances.

:: technological scope
Factor Digital demands ever greater technological breadth of his team, while also maintaining a balanced compromise in terms of varying degrees of experience of its professionals. Only this way we can provide the best and most flexible options to our customers.

:: training
Factor Digital invests heavily in training their staff. This training will support the professional certifications from the sessions in-house movement of knowledge amongst the most senior to most junior. Our knowledge is essential for us to provide the best service possible.
We like to see this service as a way of betting on your business, always believing we can help you work better.

In Factor Digital, nobody can simply say "do not know how to solve the problem". We all support other colleagues, regardless of the project, the client, their level of knowledge or technology being employed.

By relying on a consultant of Factor Digital you are automatically hiring the entire staff at our company, because in our DNA, no colleague of ours is stuck with a situation that can not overcome.

We have ten years of technological expertise at your disposal, and we act on dozens of clients in various industries. We can help your team too. Contact us!
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