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about Cloud Computing
The concept behind the cloud is simple: to provide powerful and reliable computing resources to users who pay only for the use of resources they consume.

By using cloud computing resources, applications will consume processing, storage space or storage space in a data center available for this purpose, sharing resources with others and making best use of these resources.

Cloud computing is the next big step in terms of concepts applicational due to the excellent relations of quality and features on the one hand, and the other associated costs.
The recent explosion in available bandwidth, along with advances in processing capabilities and virtualization, allow this concept to become extremely appealing and viable for organizations. Models such as the Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions allow to improve application performance and simultaneously reduce costs associated with their operation.

We believe that cloud computing is here to stay and we are currently only at the beginning of this revolution will bring to Information Technology.
why Cloud solutions
Whether you use the cloud as a virtual hardware platform, as a computing platform, or simply as a platform for data storage, the use of solutions Cloud has enormous advantages over the use of solutions in doors.
These advantages focus on four major areas: cost, safety, availability and resiliency. :: cost
The cloud computing model requires the users only to pay for the resources they consume, ie ther is no need to buy equipment or software: your Cloud partner can provide the space, processing, bandwidth and / or software you need at any given moment.

:: security
The data you store on your server or in your data center are far from secure. But in a Cloud platform, provided by a trusted partner, they are secure!
The Cloud model is based on a strong security and privacy policies for your data, which are only assured by using dedicated software and managed by highly skilled resources that these partners provide you.

:: availability
The availability of a platform for Cloud Computing is more than 99.999%. You can hardly achieve this value on your data center with your server.
This result is due to the fact that a cloud platform is built around an architecture of availability and redundancy.

:: scalability / elasticity
Perhaps the most interesting advantage of a Cloud Computing platform, the elasticity allows it to acquire more computing resources, storage, bandwidth or resources applicational as they are being needed. And when you no longer need them any more, within minutes you can give up the excess, being billed in accordance with that set.
There's no need to have installed on your datacenter power for peak usage, as you can add it or reduce it on demand almost instantly in the cloud.
como podemos ajudar
In Factor Digital, we believe that your solution will only improve if it is migrated to the new paradigm of Cloud Computing.
To this end, we provide you with our expertise in Microsoft Windows Azure platform, which currently is one of the most flexible on the market. You will also get all our experience in developing solutions for Windows Azure.

By evaluating your solution we can tell you which is the best way to put it on the Microsoft Windows Azure cloud platform.
And if your solution is not based on Windows technology, there are other solutions currently on the market that will allow your migration and subsequent automatic acquisition of all the advantages of using a model of Cloud Computing.
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