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total commitment from our team towards your project

Our consulting services and technology outsourcing put all our staff and know-how available to the client. These services are directed towards the preparation of solutions suitable for specific scenarios and customer needs.

The experience of our team allows us to act in areas such as e-Business, document management and process consulting.
All services are provided by Factor Digital focused on solution integration, channels and business processes. We aim to provide more customer value and make it more effective and more efficient.

Factor Digital also provides technological recruitment services, where we work closely with the customer, seeking the best professionals for the client needs, with immediate integration in its team.

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Some of the technologies that our know-how enables us to apply in your solutions are:

:: .NET
.NET Framework, VB.NET, C#, ASP.NET, Windows Azure, VBA for MS Office, Sharepoint

:: Cloud Computing
Microsoft Windows Azure, Microsoft SQL Azure
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:: Content Managment Systems
Umbraco, DotNetNuke

:: Document Managment
IBM FileNet, IPBrick, Captaris Rightfax

:: Bases de dados
Oracle PL/SQL, MS Sql Server, MySQL

:: Scripting & more

And because we do not know everything, we also work closely with several technology partners that are very helpful to make any solid technical know-how of Digital Factor is at your disposal.
Our development services are flexible to suit your needs.

::in-house development:
This service consists of applying development projects that are run and managed entirely by our team in our facilities, and according to our development processes and quality assurance. Customer participation requires only the provision of a specification and a schedule.

::on-site development:
This service is suitable for projects developed by our team and where the client wants to have on his side the whole management process, and where to follow their development methodologies. The participation of Factor Digital requires it only to deliver its resources with the expertise needed and adequate motivation during the project implementation period.

Between these two models of operation, Factor Digital allows you to great freedom of choice in methods and ways of operating.

Each project is unique and can be developed using different approaches.
We just want your satisfaction.

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