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looking for excellence

Factor Digital is an IT consulting company which specializes in implementing distributed solutions.
Our solutions and services allow the creation of difference to our customers. A difference that translates everyday in real solutions prepared for the future. We believe in applying the right technology for each client, every project and every case.

In our DNA is the commitment, the creation of value and, above all, always keen on trying to achieve excellence while working with our clients.
These are our values.
Digital Factor acts in market sectors as diverse as tourism, distribution, telecommunications and public administration, allowing a cross-sectional view of the realities of the various sectors, as well as of the best solutions and best practices.

Each project demands the utmost of our team. We believe in working closely with all our customers and partners, always with the aim of implementing the best solutions and providing the best services.

From the preliminary analysis, to after delivery monitoring, every stage and every detail of our projects are equally important and valuable.

Excellence is the highest goal of the Digital Factor.
Factor Digital offers a framework of resources with high technical capabilities that provides for the creation of solutions to its customers, always ensuring excellence and quality services in any kind of solutions.

Internally, everybody works in close mutual support, maximizing know-how, even when they are physically on different projects.

This mutual support enables team members to enrich their knowledge in a progressive and diverse way, making the team stronger and more uniform. Furthermore, it allows confidence deploying new technical paradigms in different solutions, either in domestic projects or specific projects of our customers.

"Factor Digital has been for several years now, not only a good supplier, but also an excellent partner.
We love working with their team: the professionalism and dedication with which they work is certainly well above what we're used to see in the Portuguese IT market."

Engineer PhD. Carlos Carreira, managing partner of HINTS – Tecnologias de Informação.
Since its start in June 2000, Factor Digital has being applying its expertise in dozens of solutions, using innovative technologies that gave huge gains for its clients.
Of his birth and the first solutions developed in ASP and CGI technologies, to the latest solutions in NET MVC and cloud computing, we feel pride of all and every project that we delivered our clients.
And the future has just begun! ...
Factor Digital Informática, Lda. @ 2011 Support Center